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The Benefits of Working with an OBM

28 Sep 2023

You are a busy entrepreneur trying to juggle a thousand things a once. I feel you, I’m the same. But today, you want more but you can’t figure it how. Let me introduce you to the OBM world. So you must be wondering what is an OBM? It’s like the secret sauce that makes everything run smoothly behind the scenes! An OBM can be a game-changer in your business. See how an OBM can save you time and boost your business

What is an OBM (Online Business Manager)

Think of an Online Business Manager (OBM) like a soccer team’s manager, just for a business instead of a sports team. In soccer, the manager doesn’t play on the field, but they make sure the team runs smoothly. They decide which players should be on the field, create strategies, and cheer the team on.

Similarly, an OBM doesn’t do all the work in a business, but it helps the business owner by making sure things work well. They plan, organize, and coordinate tasks, like a coach choosing the right players for a game. They’re like the behind-the-scenes, ensuring the business team scores goals and wins, just like a soccer team on the field.

It’s Tina Forsyth who invented the role of OBM (Online Business Manager) and she is also the founder of the International Association of Online Business Manager.

The official definition of an OBM is :

A virtually based support professional who manages online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, metrics and team.

Basically, an OBM ensures that the business operates smoothly and relieves the business owner of various responsibilities. So YOU have more time to do what you love the most.

Having a business takes you a lot of energy. You have to think about everything all the time. Imagine if a superhero that takes this mental burden off your plate. This superhero is your OBM!

You must wonder how it works! Well, it’s pretty simple. OBMs bring a whole bunch of benefits to the table. It’s like having a sidekick in your business journey.

An OBM can help you :

  • save time;
  • get super organized;
  • make smart plans,
  • and even give you a hand when things get tricky.

4 Benefits of working with an OBM

1. Expertise and Experience

Each OBM has a different background and expertise, but mainly they are responsible for :

  • project management – layout plans and manage any projects through to completion (for example website, automation, launches, etc.)
  • operations management – create processes and systems to streamline the business
  • metrics management – track stats to see what is working or what is not working
  • people management – find the right people (outsourcing) and manage the team

Here are some ideas why you need to hire an OBM :

  • Getting more organized in my business and having a project management tool for my team
  • Increase conversions rate
  • Bring existing projects to completion
  • Streamline processes to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Optimize our website and sales funnels to grow my business to $1 million per month

2. Time Efficiency

If you ask an entrepreneur, what do you need the most? The answer is more time! The solution is to delegate your day-to-day management to an OBM. It’s like having a clone to get things done! When your business is growing you don’t have any time anymore to focus on marketing, on selling or team management. You need somebody else to take your role so you can focus on tasks you can’t delegate.

3. Strategy Planning

An OBM will help you build a plan for the future. You just have to tell what are your goals and the OBM will make it happen. An OBM thinks about how your business can grow. They’re like the strategists who figure out the best moves to make your business bigger and better.

4. Accountability

An OBM makes sure everyone is on board and they know what to do. It’s like a conductor. The OBM coordinates all the musicians so they can perform! It’s the same within a business. They keep things on track so your business can shine.